If you want to spend the New Year holidays at a ski resort in Bulgaria, then it is time to buy tickets to Bansko.

In fact, they had to be bought back in October-November, since they are becoming more expensive every week, and places tend to run out.

But it does not matter, in this post we will tell you how to buy a ticket to Bansko and how you can save money when buying a ticket.

In late December and early January, the demand for airline tickets is the largest, so the price tag rises at this time, but pay attention to January 1-2, few people want to fly these days and the price may be lower.

Good prices can be caught from December 15 to 25, and back after January 15.

How to buy a cheap flight ticket to Bansko?

Airport in Sofia

Bansko has no airport and the nearest airport is in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. Read about how to get from Sofia to Bansko here.

Airport in Plovdiv

It is also worth considering the possibility of a flight to the city of Plovdiv. It is possible that a ticket there will be cheaper. How to get from Plovdiv to Bansko read in this article.

Thessaloniki Airport

And another very good airport located 220 km from Bansko is Thessaloniki. This option is suitable for those who have a Schengen, as this is Greece. If you have a Bulgarian national visa or a Cypriot visa, then you won’t be able to fly to Salniki. How to get from Thessaloniki to Bansko, we wrote here.

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Bansko in Bulgaria

Now that you know which airports are located near Bansko, we proceed to the search for airline tickets.

Flights to Bansko

To get started, work with low price calendars. By default, here is the London-Sofia route, but you can substitute your departure city, as well as check the prices of flights to Plovdiv and Thessaloniki.

As you can see, there are almost no direct flights, almost everything with 1-2 transfers. But do not worry, track the issue several times a day, it is possible that you are lucky and you will catch your lucky ticket.

See the cost of tickets both one way and both. Do not forget that you can fly to one airport and fly from another, and such a combination can be more profitable than a round-trip ticket.

How to save money when buying a ticket?

In order to save some money when buying a ticket, we advise you to buy it with credit cards that have cashback or miles programs connected, so you can get a refund of up to 5% of the ticket price in the form of live rubles or miles, which you can then use to buy another ticket.

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