On December 23, just before the Catholic Christmas, it rains in the town of Bansko, and there is wet snow upstairs in the mountains. The weather for skiing is not the best, but this does not stop true lovers of skiing and snowboarding, and as you can see in the pictures there are a lot of them!

Snow in Bansko in December 2019

There are so few puddles and places of snow in the Banderishka and Shiligarnik glade that the skiers have to walk on the ground, but there is enough snow above. There are very few open routes yet, as the temperature is positive, and there has not been good snowfall yet. Everyone is waiting for the snow.

According to the forecast, the days before the new year 2020 should be snowy, which means more tracks will open and there will be enough snow for normal skiing!

I am glad that the cost of the ski pass is now only 45 leva per day, but from December 27 the ski pass will cost 70 leva already.

Below you can see photos of the slopes of Bansko at the end of December 2019. All photos were taken on December 23rd.

Route to the Shiligarnik Glade
Bla-Bla cafe
Mountains in Bansko in December 2019
Mountains in Bansko in December 2019
Partly very little snow
Snowboarders in Bansko
Polyana Shiligarnika
Ski slopes in Bansko
Training slope on Banderishka glade
Children’s hill on Banderishka glade
Long line to the Kolarski ski lift
Shtekite cafe
Ski Lift Banderitsa 1 still not working

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