Due to the catastrophic lack of snow in many ski resorts, the most popular question now is “Is there snow in Bansko?”.

We answer the question: Yes, in January 2020 there is already snow in Bansko!

On January 9, 2020 all lifts and most routes are open. Trails that are not yet open are actively refreshing and are about to be launched.

Thanks to minus weather, the guns manage to work around the clock, and even in the absence of snowfall, there is enough snow on the tracks.

Sunny weather is good for skiing and gives a good mood on the slopes!

There are still queues for the lifts, but less than for the New Year holidays. If you do not want to lose time, we recommend taking a car / taxi and driving to Banderishka glade.


Friends, if you are interested in what is happening in Bansko, we invite you to the BanskoSnow community, where you can follow the news of Bansko and participate in discussions:

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