Ski and snowboard rental in Bansko

The ski resort of Bansko has a large number of rental equipment, so you can safely go here without your own skis and snowboard and rent everything you need here! You can rent skis, boots, poles, a snowboard, a helmet, a mask and other ski accessories at Bansko rentals. There are

All thermal SPA in Bansko

Bansko is not only skiing and snowboarding, it is also a place rich in mineral springs! In between skating, you can enjoy swimming in the hot outdoor pool, take a shower in the sauna, or lie in the jacuzzi. Almost all spas with mineral water are not located in Bansko itself,

Is there snow in Bansko?

Due to the catastrophic lack of snow in many ski resorts, the most popular question now is “Is there snow in Bansko?”. We answer the question: Yes, in January 2020 there is already snow in Bansko! On January 9, 2020 all lifts and most routes are open. Trails that are not

Bansko in January 2020: Video

Despite the lack of snow, the Bansko administration managed to open the descent from Banderishka glade to the lower station of the handball lift on January 1, 2020, this unloaded the lines and allowed the start of full skiing. January 2, 2020 there is still little snow in Bansko, it’s already

Taxi-transfer from Bansko to Sofia

After you relax in the ski resort of Bansko, you need to get to the airport in order to fly back home. The fact is that Bansko is located about 170 km from Sofia Airport, 236 km from Thessaloniki Airport and 160 km from Plovdiv Airport. If you have luggage and

Bansko is ready for skiing!

This year in Bansko there is catastrophically little snow, but thanks to the freezing temperature, it was possible to throw a lot of snow in just a few days! On December 31, 2019, the resort made a gift for all skiers and opened the descent from the Banderishka glade to the

Weather in Bansko

Today, December 26, there is still little snow in Bansko, but cooling is expected in the coming days, which means that the cannons can work. In addition, according to the weather forecast, snow should fall. In the mountains, he is already walking, but this is not enough to open all the

What is a transfer?

Private car transfer is a travel service that allows you to get from point A to point B. Most often, a transfer is ordered from the airport to the hotel or vice versa from the hotel to the airport, but there is also a transfer to attractions, business forums and conferences,

Is there any snow in Bansko now?

On December 23, just before the Catholic Christmas, it rains in the town of Bansko, and there is wet snow upstairs in the mountains. The weather for skiing is not the best, but this does not stop true lovers of skiing and snowboarding, and as you can see in the pictures

Car rental in Bansko

It would seem that Bansko is a small town and you don’t need a car here, but in fact, like throughout Bulgaria, it is very convenient to drive your own car, so you can not depend on the area where you live, buses and taxis. The machine will give you freedom

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