After you relax in the ski resort of Bansko, you need to get to the airport in order to fly back home.

The fact is that Bansko is located about 170 km from Sofia Airport, 236 km from Thessaloniki Airport and 160 km from Plovdiv Airport.

If you have luggage and ski equipment, then it will be quite problematic to travel by public transport, a transfer will be required in almost every case, but if it doesn’t scare you, see all the ways to get from Bansko to Sofia, from Bansko to Thessaloniki and from Bansko to Plovdiv.

Transfer from Bansko to Sofia Airport

The airport in Sofia is the most convenient for arriving and departing from Bansko. On the way to it, you do not need to cross the border (as is the case with Thessaloniki) and go along the mountain serpentine (as is the case with Plovdiv).

All the advantages and disadvantages of transfer, we described in this article.

We repeat that it is suitable for those who are not limited in budget, departs early in the morning or at night, has luggage or ski equipment with them. Also, the transfer is very convenient and beneficial for a company or family of 3-4 people.

It is best to book a transfer in advance, preferably in a few days, only this way you can guarantee yourself a 100% chance to leave.

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